Casinos around the world have drastically evolved ever since the deadly pandemic altered entertainment sectors in all corners of the world. The casinos have now moved on to online platforms to offer classic gambling experiences to curious audiences. The use of Cryptocurrencies in the casinos has also increased since the casinos have been adapting according to the modern expectations of their players. Now from the complete safety of their homes, cryptocurrency users can enjoy the fun of classic gambling on their devices. They no longer have to visit physical casinos to enjoy their favorite casino games.

From several competent casinos, players can now choose their preferred online casinos to partake in the crypto form of classic entertainment. The expectations for strong features and reliable systems have created a huge demand for efficient online crypto casinos in the market. Of many casinos that have now emerged on the internet, CryptoGames is an exemplary online casino, that became the choice of many ardent gamblers around the world. The casino sets itself apart by offering every element that is in high demand for efficient gambling. For all gamblers, it provides all the necessary attributes that are expected from a top-notch online casino. The list of attributes contains extravagant games, an aesthetic UI, competent deposit and withdrawal options, powerful security protocols, rewarding features, events and so much more! 

About CryptoGames: 

From the city of Curacao, an organization called MuchGaming B.V is operating CryptoGames under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. The casino has an extremely capable team of moderators and administrators who are always monitoring all the activities of the users as well as the transactions made on the casino. With undoubtedly trustworthy services and transparent entertainment, CryptoGames has become a top choice for gamblers from all parts of the internet. Although the casino is already doing great in offering great entertainment for its players, it aims to update its services to the max and provide players with safe gambling experiences for a lifetime. Given below are some of the elements one can enjoy at CryptoGames:

Simple UI for All

To make the browsing experience as easy and hassle-free as possible, CryptoGames kept its UI extremely neat. This means, that when a player accesses the user interface of CryptoGames, they can immediately find all the necessary links and tabs. This ensures a clearly positive impression of the interface along with a flawless browsing experience. The features are also laid out along with the games neatly, so new players don’t have to install any of them separately. All the games are completely free of any distracting designs so players’ concentration will be undivided at all times. Following the amazing designs, CryptoGames developed a chat box that players can use to effectively interact with each other and build a stronger community. Now, if any player is curious if all these facilities will require a heavy-duty device to get loaded or run then CryptoGames is proud to say that its super light interface allows most devices to load and run the games with ease. On top of that, all betting history can be easily traced and checked right from the home page of every game. 

An Exclusively Extravagant Library of Games

There is no doubt that the main attraction of any online casino is its set of games for mass gamblers. Especially if it is a modern-themed crypto-based casino then the developers need to cater to the audience with the most unique set of games. This is why CryptoGames offers a list that contains a few games that are extremely rich in quality but less in number. The 9 games offered at CryptoGames are the perfect gateways for worldwide gamblers to win a great amount of riches in 10 different cryptocurrencies. The library of classic games delivers top-notch entertainment with the simplest guidelines and the most engaging concepts. None of the games seem repetitive or flashy. Through super easy guidelines, the casino assists its all new players to learn about all the features and additional elements that every game offers. 

The house edge of the games offered is also extremely impressive and reasonable. Many gamblers consider the house edge offered at CryptoGames as the lowest in the industry. In addition, all players have equally fair chances of winning due to the provably fair gaming policy that CryptoGames has enabled. The modern gaming policy produces unbiased and impartial results through Cryptographic techniques. This means, that every game developed by CryptoGames is Provably Fair and leaves no scope of cheating for any party. The fair gambling policy also ensures that the players get to take home their rewards immediately after the winning bets are processed. And that the bets can be validated using seeds and hashes. 

Set of Games offered by CryptoGames


Dice is the first crypto-oriented game that is displayed on the set of games offered by CryptoGames. It comes with a range of potential winning chances ( 0.000-99.999 ) that make the game great for beginners to try. The game has a very easy set of rules which can be followed even by gamblers with no prior knowledge about the game. Dice requires the players to preselect their bet amount and a payout multiplier at the start. Then they will have to have to predict whether their Dice roll will return a greater or lesser value than the number they have chosen. If the prediction is made accurately then the bet is considered a winning bet and the player will be able to claim their payout immediately. The game also has keyboard hotkeys for the players who prefer using their keyboards for the games. There is also the “Auto Bet” option for placing multiple bets.


In the CryptoGames version of Slot, the game is played on five turning wheels Once all the bet amount is set, the Slot machine is enabled by clicking ‘Spin’. The reels will show symbols when they spin and will show a line of 5 symbols once the machine stops. The five symbols will line up in the center of the Slot machine and create a combination. If the combination is one of the winning combinations, then the player can claim their payout. The level of difficulty for Slot is really low and it is also one of the easiest games to achieve more rewards with. On top of that, the game offers great winning chances to its players and more fun at the same time. Out of the 7 winning combinations, players can hopefully land any one in a spin. 


From the French word “roulette” which means ‘little wheel’, to a widely played game in the casinos, Roulette is one of the most evergreen games for gamblers.  This fascinating game has ruled the gambling world for years and it is still highlighted in all its glory. At CryptoGames gamblers play the European version of this renowned game for an American version of the payout table. Although it has a similar payout table to the American Roulette, the European version has half the amount of house edge.  Before spinning the wheel, players place their betting chips on the numbers they think will come up after the spin. Once they are done, they start spinning the wheel and if the numbers come up then they are compensated according to the payout table.


Blackjack or 21 is a game of luck that is known to every card game lover and is one of the favorite banking games among the gamblers of CryptoGames. Like all other games, players must place their bet amounts before the cards are dealt. The game is played against a house dealer. The player must try their best to beat the house`s card combination by gaining a combination of 21 or lower points. Learning about the card values is helpful when it comes to adding up the total points. The cards such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks have bigger card values, thus it is advised that the players learn about them beforehand. This will also help the players not let their total exceed 21. If it does, then the full amount wagered by the gambler will be lost. 


Lottery is an extremely easy game that requires players to only purchase tickets to partake in the game. The drawing of lucky tickets will be the way to determine the winners. To buy the tickets, players have to click on the “Buy Ticket” tab and select their preferred cryptocurrencies for the purchase. There are four cryptocurrencies to choose from. While purchasing their tickets, players can also check the total number of tickets available and the possibility of winning depending on the number of tickets they have purchased all in the same tab. Other important details like the countdown timer showing the time remaining for the draw and rewards based on winners’ positions will also be given there. Lottery has two draws per week based on the cryptocurrencies for the purchases. CryptoGames depends on a third-party generator called RandomPicker to ensure the unbiased draws of Lottery tickets. 


CryptoGames decided to bring this one to the limelight as it is one of the underrated games in the world of online gambling. Plinko follows the same rules as the version from the show “The Price is right”. The game is played on a pyramid-shaped digitally pegged board where four kinds of payout multipliers will be present for four different colors of balls in the game. The four colors of balls are: green, red, blue, and yellow. For Plinko, players can place 10 credits minimum, for each round. Their bet amount will return rewards depending on the color of the ball, the number the winning slot represents, and the house edge for the ball. Once the ball is dropped, players have to wait for it to fall into a slot which is fruitful for the bet. 

Video Poker 

Another extremely loved card game in the online gambling world is undoubtedly Video Poker. CryptoGames version of this game is easy to master due to the detailed instructions provided by the casino. The objective of the game is like the objective of any normal poker game. In Video Poker, players get five cards that they need to use to achieve the strongest possible hand. Here as well, it is well-advised that the players learn about the rankings of the cards thoroughly to perform well. There are three versions called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker for the game. 

pastedGraphic_1.pngThis means players will be able to play any one of the versions at any time. There will be different house edges, and payout tables depending on the three versions. Players will also have the option of holding better cards using the automatic feature called Smart Hold. 


Even before it was introduced in the casinos, Minesweeper had unfading popularity among computer gamers. It is tough to find any computer game lover from all parts of the world who hasn’t played Minesweeper at least once in their lives. CryptoGames version of Minesweeper allows the players to win a great sum of Cryptocurrencies with the help of flexible rules. The game is played in a field filled with boxes, where some of the boxes hide mines. Players can freely select the number of mines the boxes will hide and the lowest number of mines is 1 while the highest number of mines is 24. If the number of mines is increased then the payout will also be increased. There will be an option to cash out instantly if the players don’t hit any mine.  


A completely revamped and upgraded version of Dice is known as DiceV2. As their 9th addition to the set, CryptoGames decided to bring the most lucrative design of their own classic game. DiceV2 comes with an entirely new design where the players aim to fulfill a similar objective to Dice. In this version, players must make a correct prediction about the result so that the result gets displayed on the green zone located on the slider. The green zone gets locked when a player chooses their bet size and payout multiplier. Then the game will show two options for the players to choose from. There will be an Auto Bet feature, Jackpots for DiceV2 as well. It also has a great winning range and the same house edge as the first version.

Outstanding Rewards Options

CryptoGames offers very rewarding programs and events for its players. When registered at the casino for the first time, all players get a referral link for sharing the word about CryptoGames. Referral links are claimed from the “Rewards” under the “Invite A Friend” tab.  Any referrer will be given 15% of the house edge for every single referral. The referral reward remains unaffected by how the bet result of the referred player goes, Which means,  as long as the player keeps on betting, the referrer will keep on receiving the reward based on the wagered amount. Moreover, the casino also offers monthly contests and rewards through VIP memberships. As a VIP member, players can  

  • Play  Dice with  0.8% house edge.
  • Place bets with no server delay regardless of the bet’s size. 
  • Place their bets with better and higher exchange limits 
  • Enjoy VIP access to an exclusive chatroom dedicated to VIP players, where experts and the managers of CryptoGames will engage with them for a chat.
  • Show off their exclusive VIP tag beside their user name tag.
  •  Enjoy monthly vouchers sent through email. 

Shortest Time Needed for Registration

At CryptoGames there is no unwanted delay in the registration process. It takes lesser time than any other casinos out there. The casino has no popups or redirect links that stall the registration process. The basic registration is completed when the players provide a unique account name and agree to the terms and conditions. The username or account name can be changed later on. To enjoy full privileges like making transactions on the website, players must complete the full registration process. Basic registration will grant the players the permission to get free access to all the games, Play Money, and the faucet feature. At the “Rewards” tab located under the “Your account” tab, players will have the option to request more Play Money. New players will have their account level set to 0 at first which means, the number of requests they can make in a day will be less and then gradually increase as they will increase their player/account level. 

When the players will finish the complete registration process, they will be able to explore and make the best use of CryptoGames’ swift and seamless transaction system. By using a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, players will be able to convert, deposit and withdraw at the casino. There are modern methods for the transactions and more details on that can be found on the website. Fully registered players can do financial transactions by using any of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Gas
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Solana

Necessary Security Measures

Entertainment mediums on the internet need to always offer extra security measures to their players since horrendous hackers and scammers are lurking around the platforms. Needless to say, these individuals are constantly looking for ways to break into the online casinos and get their hands on the user funds. Therefore, CryptoGames has always decided to take all the proper measures since day one. The casino is capable of stopping these lurking hackers even if they try to do considerable damage to any of the user funds.

Their security measures protect both the User account and fund through Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption. These two measures have been integrated into the system to raise the level of security according to modern demands. Besides that, the Email verification process guarantees that no fund can be accessed or transacted without the users’ consent. This means, that even when a user deactivates the Two Factor Authentication, any outsider will still be unable to get their hands on the user’s funds as email verification will be mandatory for the withdrawal. 

Register and Play Today:

With an impressive list of services like this, there is no doubt that CryptoGames is a sublime spot for everyone who is looking for fun gambling experiences. Under the monitoring of an expert team of moderators and admins, gamblers here will be able to interact with each other in the safest environment. And since the overall structure of the casino is founded by developers who are fully dedicated to their respective fields, there is a guarantee that the players will always have unmatched customer service. They will also get to explore the extravagant library of games at any time using their funds as well as Play Money. The security measures are also there to ensure maximum reliability and safety for those who are playing at the casino. With all of these services, it is a guarantee that for anyone looking for an enriched gambling experience, CryptoGames is the top place to explore and to make the time and assets spent worthwhile. 

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